In The Doghouse – 2019

Here is our 2019 list of funds with estimated distributions in excess of 20% of NAV.  Roughly 25% of the firms in my database have released their distribution estimates, so this list has a long way to go.

It’s important to note that funds on this list are not necessarily poor quality, but these funds are worth a second look if you hold them in taxable accounts. Think twice before purchasing these in a taxable account before their distribution dates.

Funds with estimated distributions higher than 30% of NAV:

Meridian Enhanced Equity
Victory Munder Mid-Cap Core Growth Fund

Funds with estimated distributions higher than 20%:

AMG Managers Special Equity Fund
Gabelli International Small Cap Fund
Victory NewBridge Large Cap Growth Fund




NOTE: Funds on this list do not necessarily represent all share classes. Always look at your specific fund before making any decisions.