In The Doghouse! Largest Estimated/Actual Distributions of 2015.

Here is my current list of funds with estimated distributions in excess of 20% of NAV.  Over 90% of fund firms in my database have reported so this list is nearing completion, but do not count on this list to be exhaustive.  I apologize if some of the funds are miscategorized – do your own research.

It’s important to note that funds on this list are not necessarily poor quality; after all, to get here the fund had to have some gains somewhere along the way.  I’m recommending you review these funds if you hold them, and you should not purchase these in a taxable account before their distribution dates.  Of course, these distributions don’t matter you if these funds are held in a tax-deferred (IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, etc.) account.

Funds with estimated distributions higher than 30% of NAV:

Alger Small Cap Growth Institutional Fund
Alger SMid Cap Growth Fund
ALPS WMC Research Value Fund
Brown Capital Management Mid Company Fund
Buffalo Small Cap Fund
Columbia Acorn Fund
Columbia Small Cap Core Fund
Columbia Small Cap Growth Fund
Deutsche EAFE Equity Index Fund
Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Small-Cap Fund
Fairholme Fund
FPA U.S. Value Fund
GuideStone Aggressive Allocation Fund
Manning & Napier Equity Fund
Nuveen NWQ Large-Cap Value Fund
PIMCO Long-Term U.S. Government Fund
PowerShares China A-Share ETF
Ridgeworth Small Cap Growth Stock Fund
Wells Fargo Advantage Endeavor Select Fund
Westcore Growth Fund

Funds with estimated distributions higher than 20%:

Artisan Small Cap Value Fund
ASTON/Montag & Caldwell Growth Fund
ASTON/TAMRO Small Cap Fund
Calamos Growth Fund
Columbia Acorn Select
Columbia Acorn USA
Columbia Global Infrastructure Fund
Columbia Marsico Growth Fund
CRM All Cap Value Fund
CRM Mid Cap Value Fund
Dreyfus Appreciation Fund
Eaton Vance Global Small-Cap Fund
Federated MDT Mid-Cap Growth Strategies Fund
Forward Real Estate Fund
Frost Mid Cap Equity Fund
GuideStone Balanced Allocation Fund
GuideStone Growth Allocation Fund
GuideStone MyDestination 2045
Highland Dividend Equity Fund
iShares MSCI Malaysia ETF
Kinetics Internet Fund
LKCM Aquinas Small Cap Fund
Marsico Growth Fund
Northern Multi-Manager Small Cap Fund
Principal LargeCap Growth Fund II
Prudential Small-Cap Value Fund
Ridgeworth Small Cap Value Equity Fund
RS Small Cap Equity Fund
Sit Large Cap Growth Fund
TCW Growth Equities Fund
Templeton China World Fund
UBS PACE Small/Medium Co Growth Equity Fund
Victory NewBridge Large Cap Growth Fund
Wells Fargo Advantage Small Cap Value Fund
Wells Fargo Advantage Traditional Small Cap Growth Fund