Webinar Replay – Mutual Fund Capital Gains: Reducing Salt In The Wound

I was asked to present a webinar on capital gain distribution strategies for the Financial Experts Network. The Network offers weekly webinars on a wide variety of financial topics.  I’ve been a subscriber to their content for the last couple of years and was honored to again be asked to be one of their presenters.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • 00:00  Financial Expert Network introduction
  • 1:00  Capital Gain Distribution Basics
  • 19:00  Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Distributions
  • 30:30  Tax Saving Strategies (Basic to Advanced)
  • 43:30  Mark’s 2022 Predictions
  • 47:00  How CapGainsValet Can Help (site overview)
  • 55:30 Q&A

Click Here to Watch The Webinar